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MyArabicReader is a website dedicated to helping Arabic Language Learners (A.L.L.) become fully literate in the Arabic Language.  This group includes Arabic foreign language students, Arabic heritage language students and Arabic second language students. If we missed including you in that list, please consider this an invitation to include yourself with our compliments.

Many sites on the Web teach the beginning elements of the language: letters, words and some grammar, but that is not enough for language fluency. Language learners must reach the take-off point, about 4th grade level and do a lot of practice on materials that are interesting and enjoyable.

To really "own" a language, students must use it for purposes beyond learning it for itself. They must use the language as a tool for learning other things, which includes information and entertainment. Our Resource Section offers lots of free public domain materials. The easier materials are often illustrated. Help yourself and download whatever you want.